Small Category

Base Price


Beginning with our ‘small’ category of trucks, we suspect you could need a extra hand with that extra large TV which does not fit in your car or your table that needs moving to your new rental property. Regardless of what it is, this category of truck is enough for you to get your new IKEA dresser home from the store.

Medium Category

Base Price


With our Medium Category, it seems you need to get some items from your rental house to the film set. Typically moving a few larger sets of furniture or camera gear, this size category of truck(s) is fit for smaller production and moving needs.

Large Category

Base Price


Needing to move out? With our larger category of trucks we expect you will be needing to be moving your entire home or flat’s worth of furnitiure to your next place of residence. Perhaps you have a massive film set and you need all the equipment to be brought to set in one go? Now with our large category no task is too large.

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