As a soultion to solving problems in the film industry, COURRIER was born when David Saucedo saw a “Man with a Van” was parked outfront of his University having stuff being loaded onto it from the ‘kit room’ going to a film set.

With realization of how difficult it must be for a producer to have to call this person and organize all the times and other headaches involved. He realized that there has to be a simpler way…

Then with some brainstorming, COURRIER became more than a film soultion company, it became a company that rethought the convnetial ways of moving. David realized how easy it would be for students abroad with no help or family around to get stuff moved with this serivce. This would make moving items from IKEA much easier than needing to get some Uber XL or chauffer van to bring it back to your home or rental unit.

With COURRIER it would be effortless, instant, and simple.




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